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QUARTERBACKS: Reports by Contributing Scout Ken Becks
    Walter, Andrew          6'5  235       Senior              Arizona St.       #16
    Good ball handling skills, has a quick setup in the pocket, good touch on various passes thrown, excellent pocket presence, possesses excellent timer in his head, leads his receivers well, which leads to more Yard After Catch (YAC), another underrated skill (leading your receivers), avoids the rush well, poised, and seldomly panics, inspiring and fiery type of QB, keeps the chains moving with his pin point passes, has a good balance of short, mid, and deep ball throws, has a lot of confidence and it shows in his play, even when his passes are not completed, many times his balls are catchable, his passes are consistently close to his receivers, good at knowing when to throw the ball away and live for another down, has good football smarts, as far as the next level, depending on what team roster he lands on, could be anywhere from a back-up to a future All-Pro QB, has the mobility and quick thinking to be an excellent West Coast QB.

    Rodgers, Aaron            6'2  210       Junior               California        #8
    Has total command of his offense, effortless motion in his ball handling skills, good at feathering the ball in from anywhere on the field, seems to be a student of the game, makes excellent decisions under pressure, better than average athlete, athletic enough to move in the pocket to by his receivers time to find the holes in the defense, has the touch to loft it in or drill it in there when necessary, athleticness with this player may be the only question I may have, has everything else you are looking for, at times can not make things happened when having to run, athletically challenged when play breaks down, but makes up for it with quick thinking, reminds me of a bigger and more athletic "Ty Detmor", former Heisman Trophy winner, his placement of the ball to his receivers are outstanding, mentally plays as if he was already in the pro ranks, picks defenses apart, can throw it short, mid, or long range throws, opens the field up for the offense, and makes the players around him more effective, difference maker, he plays the game as if he were playing in the back yard, very cool headed QB, never flustered, if not for his somewhat athletic short coming, I would rate him a sure top 5 pick in the upcoming 2005 NFL Draft, not saying it still will not happened!

    Whitehurst, Charlie      6'4  220       Junior              Clemson          #6
    Has all the computer physical skills you look for, nice size, quick thinker, good athlete, awesome arm strength, the prototypical QB, and one that will come through and fulfill his promise, a pocket QB, that can get outside the pocket and make things happened, reminds me somewhat like a "Matt Hasselbach", but better size, more athletic and more of an upside, is willing to stand in the pocket to complete the pass, has excellent touch on his passes, mobile in and outside the pocket, excellent body frame for next level, in command of his offense, energetic, not afraid to take chances down field, love the way he sets up in the pocket, has quick feet on his setups, places the offense in a good rhythm and pace during the game, brings a confidence to the offensive players around him, a type of confidence that tells the rest of the team we always have a chance to score and win!, always looking down field to make the big play, also excellent quick release, as far as the next level, he can only be limited by himself, he will be the only person to stop the success that will come his way, limitless NFL future to me!

    Gradkowski, Bruce       6'2    210     Junior       Toledo              #7
    Good athlete, definitely has what it takes for the next level, takes command of the offense, a leader, can throw on the run or from the pocket, one of his strengths is his versatility, meaning he can kill you throwing or running, excellent runner in open space, makes quick, decisive decisions, has the athleticness to by time for his receivers, and also makes you defend the entire field either spreading the field with multiple passes, stretching the field with vertically, or running when there are openings, throws a tight spiral, he also enhances the level of skill and confidence of the players around him, good skill at avoiding the rush as well, for the next level, would be excellent in a West Coast offense type, see him as starting QB in NFL one day.

    Smith, Alex            6'4   212      Junior                Utah                 #11
    Love this QB's size, nice NFL body and frame, like his combination of size and strength, rate him good to excellent athlete for his size, dangerous runner if he gets in the open, excellent decision making skills, will throw the ball away before turning the ball over, stands in the pocket well, willing to take the hit to complete the pass, a trait I feel that is very underrated, that is why I mention it so often, standing in taking that hit could be the difference between winning a tight game or losing a tight game, this game comes down to a few certain plays in a game, those are one of them, taking the hit, he has that inner clock that tells him to get rid of the ball, he makes things happened when things break down, either through the pass or the run, another underrated trait I look for, as far as his NFL future, reminds me of a "Tom Brady" clone, good straight forward scrambler, has a knack at finding time when to run for effective yards, not very quick runner but smart tough runner, he is a winning type QB, makes few mistakes, but a step above just a system QB, I can see him starting on a ball controlled offense in the NFL!

    Beutjer, Jon           6'5   211      Senior        Illinois               #7
    A better than average athlete, nimble on his feet, feels pressure well, knows how to bounce out of pocket and by some time for his receivers, has excellent touch passes, at times can have pin point accuracy, capable of putting the ball in tight areas, does not get flustered when pass rush comes around him, however might be a bit stiff when moving at times, and at times telegraphs his balls and stairs down receivers he is going to, in closing, this QB has what it takes no doubt for NFL.

    Clemens, Kellen           6'2   215     Junior        Oregon                   #11
    Processes good pocket presence, has a "Brett Favre" flair about him, a gunslinger, not apprehensive to go down field to stretch the defense, has a quick release, solid NFL build, excellent ball handling skills, has been schooled well, has a quick setup in pocket, however, could work on his passing skills on the run, but this players upside has just started, since last year he had to share the starting QB duties, now he is in command of offense and I look for him to have a banner year, and very good NFL career.

    Cutler, Jay               6'4   225     Junior        Vanderbilt             #6
    Excellent athlete, what a sleeper QB!, on his current team just does not have the blocking up front so he can setup in the pocket like he really wants, which slows down his progression as a QB, the talent around him does not rise to his level, which also stunts his growth as a QB, has nice ball handling skills, has quick setup abilities, durable athlete, also a QB willing to give up his body for every yard, he is a winner amongst a losing team, has a nice quick delivery, quick thinker, makes things happened, can throw on the run as well as in the pocket, he is versatile in or out of pocket, has the zip on the ball you are looking for, and accuracy, throws a nice catchable ball, nice touch, can also drill it in with some smoke if needed, just a one man offense, reminds me of a bigger more athletic "Jeff Garcia", also excellent conditioned athlete, when running he is very dangerous if he breaks containment, if only the talent around him was better, whomever drafts him will be getting a possible All-Pro QB in the NFL!, the good thing for some NFL team is they will be drafting this in a lower round due to very little coverage of this QB, and most scouts are scared to rate this player as a 1ST RD draft pick skilled player!, look at the skill not the hype!

    Hackney, Darrell          6'2    235     Junior          UAB                #4
    I have to admit I have only evaluated this player only a couple of times, his skill and upside had me foaming watching this talent, the command he had of the pocket, his alertness to take advantage of running opportunities, this QB has a spiral to kill for!, his balls are tight roped when thrown in the air, can throw the NFL out with no problem, has a good NFL body as well, reminds me somewhat like "Steve McNair", tough gritty player, will give you all he has, whether though the air or on the run, this QB just has the composure and talent to take it to the next level, this is another one of my sleeper QB's, not much exposure, but packs a lot of talent and abilities, he will be drafted low in the draft most likely, and if you give this guy some seasoning on the sidelines for a couple of years of tutoring, you got your self a starting QB in the NFL, call me crazy, if he gets drafted or a free-agent on someone's roster, you will see what happens!

    Kolb, Kevin            6'3    220     Sophmore        Houston            #4
    Possess a quick release, has that special something, started as a true freshman, first to do so at Houston, this QB likes to attack the defense, he is fearless, he is accurate and excellent touch, good athlete, has excellent instincts in the pocket, has those eyes in the back of his head, can throw in the pocket or on the run, very cool under pressure for a young QB, knows how to move in the pocket to by time for his receivers to find the openings, a rare trait that all the good to great QB's possess, the quarterbacking position comes very natural to him, which shows through in his play, he is a gamer, not afraid to sell out on the run for his team, has the ability to get his throws in tight areas, and has the confidence to try!, at times gets a bit greedy, and could work on his ball handling skills more, both of those will come due to his youth, good at checking down to various receivers,  willing to stand in the pocket to complete a pass even when he knows he is going to take a pop, has the courage to take punishment, at times his confidence get him in trouble, but as he matures that confidence will be reassured, the team around him right now does not rise to his talents, but he does not let that bring him down, his future is limitless only to his willingness to be the best!, as far as NFL future, has the time and ability to be a top 5 pick in the draft, if not the 1ST pick in the entire draft!

    Leak, Chris             6'1   205      Sophmore        Florida              #12
    Another young QB, for his age has the poise of a veteran, very highly touted QB out of high school, rated the #1 QB coming out, technically sound player, has control of his offense, throws a beautiful spiraled ball, has the next level written all over him, has great touch, the confidence to take it to the next level both in college and in the NFL, his upside only looks limitless this early, more of a pocket QB than a scrambler, but a QB that moves around in the pocket smoothly, consistantly looking down field blocking out the rush, willing to take the hit to complete the pass, a very important trait, for now his collegiate and NFL future looks promising.

    Washington, Walter     6'2  240       Junior              Temple       #11
    Another player I seen very little of, the team around him gives him little help, this QB's upside is tremendous, athletically has no peer, can throw with the best of them, a riffle for an arm, scrambles to throw, a good trait, keeps his eyes down field looking for the completion, can throw on the run or in the pocket, this QB did not really get consecutive starts in his career until the end of last years schedule, so has very little reps and time as the starting QB, and with the skill level of players around him not quite to his level, also slows his progress, but this player is a one man show, for his NFL future, if he is drafted!, someone will be getting a gem, lost in the pack, his upside even in the pro's is limitless, but whomever gets him has to have the vision a patients to tutor him along, and if someone does, they will have QB unlike anyone has ever seen!

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